2020-04-08T19:39:03-07:00April 9th, 2020|Parenthood|

The “watching” fairies

You shout that you are taking your demand
to have screen time on weekdays to the fairies

to the “watching” fairies, you specify
and I have to applaud your resourcefulness
because what would tooth fairies know
about this kind of petition

and then you stomp upstairs
in your new homeschool uniform
which is to say no clothes at all

and as I take yet another zoom call
in our bedroom
because it’s the only room that locks
you slide angry notes under the door
all of them signed by different fairies
all heavily on your side

but because my work call goes long
the notes by the end
are more drawings of fairies
and the last one is a beautiful mermaid
named after me.

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