2020-04-07T19:58:12-07:00April 8th, 2020|Musings on life|


I am typically quite friendly
and ask about their day
some solid chat about the weather

but when I see Wendy today
one of the regular cashiers at the grocery store
it’s different because I haven’t seen anyone
but my family for a week

I experience a sudden and desperate need
to go beyond small talk
I go on and on about how I’m so grateful
but I use her name too often
laughing awkwardly at the wrong times

I wonder if she thinks I might have a crush on her
even though she must be almost seventy
her greyish brown hair tucked back in a braid
her body the shape of an eggplant

but with an exquisite generosity
that made me want to cry
she calls out to me as I push my cart away

it really is very nice to see you too.

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