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Grocery shopping

We have a ritual now
starting with raspberries
which you finish
by the time we get
to the bread

you put them on each finger
like thimbles
and if one falls
you say bird
and I say nothing
letting you believe
a bird will get lucky here

you pick the apples
and I let you point
out the cheese
which you wave at people
saying hallo
after they are long gone

we go the same route each time
a comforting pattern
as though there are tracks
beneath the wheels
of our cart

we are in no hurry
wandering the aisles
while you babble and sing
uncharacteristically outgoing
and yell baby
every time you see one

but my favourite thing
is how you sit facing me
as I push the cart
your legs dangling
your hands sometimes
on top of mine

you look around
and I look at you
leaning in every few minutes
to kiss your nose
which your dad taught you
to point at
and call it a moon

as we near the cashiers
I look at our list
and I ask out loud
what we are missing
and you say


which makes me all lumpy
and want to kiss
your nose again.

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