2013-02-25T23:13:04-08:00February 25th, 2013|Musings on life|

The sullen ice cream merchant

There is an ice cream store
in my town
with all the flavours
and an owner
who growls
and takes your money
as though he is doing
you a favour

it’s as if he’s trapped
inside the wrong identity

like my teacher in high school
a cranky old goat
who came back one fall
much nicer as a lady

I suspect this guy inherited
the ice cream store
but always wanted to be
a parking enforcement officer
or a deep sea diver
searching for people
who are already dead

he is out of place
next to blueberry lavender
and pumpkin praline

I want to say something supportive
but instead I ask him
what he thinks I should get

to which he says
with a flat voice
that I should try the curry cone
because no one ever does
and he bets
it sits there all day
hoping to get picked.

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