2012-05-18T00:01:15-07:00May 18th, 2012|Musings on life|

The offending parts

I once worked in an office on the ground floor
behind a glass wall
the kind that reflects like a mirror on the other side
so the people walking by on the street
saw themselves, not me

I ate lunch at my desk
and watched them
a strangely compelling show

they must have known we could see them
but it was too tempting
the sudden appearance
of their flesh

a man winked once
and it took me a moment to realize
he was flirting
with himself

but it’s the women I remember the most
looking back
with such sadness
their soft bodies stuffed into pantyhose
their hands dropping instinctively
to veil the offending parts
of their shape

I wish I’d been brave enough to run after a few
tap them on their shoulders
out of breath

where did you get that skirt
man, you look smashing

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