2012-04-05T00:01:44-07:00April 5th, 2012|Musings on life|

My small but shameful crime

I eat a box of white chocolate Easter eggs
like a cow eating grass
but thinking of abstract
cow things

and the thing is
I’m supposed to be a vegan
and I don’t even like white chocolate

so then I make a detailed chart
of all the yoga classes I will do next week
to displace my small
but shameful crime

except it’s a holiday
so I can’t start until Tuesday

which for some reason
makes me crave toast

which I eat with extra butter
vegan butter
but still.

I wonder about those cows
and the sparrow who keeps on looking at me
partly suspicious
partly offended

do they know remorse
that quiet humiliation of acting out
in private

or is it the curious prize
of humans alone.

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