2012-01-10T23:07:08-08:00January 10th, 2012|Musings on life|


I am drawn to the tidiness of proverbs
little zingers
that make you nod
and think you have gotten to the pulp
of a thing

like how you can know a person
by the books they keep

but it’s not true

you know only the stomach
of their brain
a naïve hunger that tends
to want more
of the same

it’s like thinking you know
a bird
by the wire
he sits on

life is unkempt
people die
too soon

all there is to do
is pay attention to the litter
of minutes that fling from the day
and catch some
on your tongue
like snowflakes

each one
a tiny perfect story
a life written in ice
before it melts
and returns home
to the sea.

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