2011-03-20T23:05:09-07:00March 20th, 2011|Musings on life|

Yesterday I tried to meditate

Yesterday I tried
to meditate
and instead of god
I was visited by
a marketing plan for
vegan eight-layer dip.

I could have felt exhausted
by my mind’s insolence.

But I decided
to heck with it
maybe I’ve let my assumptions
about meditation
crowd out the thing itself.
Maybe I’ve piled on
expectations like moss
and the truth
has gone stagnant.
Maybe I need to unpeel
my beliefs from my experiences
and let them both run naked
for a while.

So today I turned it over
to Fats Waller and let him swing
my thoughts around
eyes wide open
and I can’t say for sure
but I think that was god in the corner
doing a double-shag.

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