2022-03-09T09:29:44-08:00February 20th, 2011|Musings on life|

You can know too much

I don’t want to know
who the strangers are
fire dancing
in the park
most nights
in front of my bedroom window.

Perhaps they are
circus drop-outs,
rave kids,

Or how the crocuses
crack the ceiling of frost
and hoist themselves up
on top of the earth
before anyone else agrees
it’s time to bloom.

Or how I knew
halfway through his novel
that I would
marry him.

You can know
too much.

One day you’re stargazing
and the next
you’re mourning
dead light.

I’m not advocating ignorance.
Just a few pin pricks
in the fabric of my knowledge
so that my imagination
can breathe.

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