2011-01-21T21:01:53-08:00January 21st, 2011|Relationships|

Forever forgetting

When the power goes out at the cabin
I am forever forgetting that
we have no power.
I flick the light switch
and wonder why it doesn’t go on.
I start lunch
on the electric stove.
I flush
even though I made a big sign that says
don’t flush.
Old habits die hard
so they say.
And it makes me think it will be like this
when my Pete leaves
this world.
I will whistle when I walk in the door
and wonder why he isn’t whistling back.
I will reach my hand across the bed
and assume he must be upstairs writing.
I will read an article
and imagine how he will erupt
with opinion.
And even when I cry
for the writhing pains
of missing him
I will think
for a few splendid moments
that he will make it all better
with a hug
and a funny dance to make me
squeal with joy.

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