Bentlily: A collection of poems renders the exquisite and curious details of everyday life—the sensuous flesh of an avocado or the audacious joy of whistling in public—in vivid brilliance. In 2011, Samantha Reynolds embarked on her Year of Being a Poet. Over 365 days, she documented moments of kindness, tragedy and surprise through writing one poem a day on her popular blog,

The very essence of the world around Reynolds is delivered in these daily missives from her life as a new mother, entrepreneur, wife and all-round urbanite. She is candid and clever, delivering unexpected turns of phrase that give pause to shades of the day that one might otherwise have missed. There is nothing stuffy or arcane about Reynolds’ poems – she is a master of accessible writing that still manages to pierce straight to the heart.

This collection of poetry features the poems that have moved Reynolds’ devoted readers the most. They are perfect poems for every occasion of love, loss and life.

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“Samantha’s poems are jewels. It is rare for me to find a flock of poems that resonate so truly within me in both their message and their artistry, and hers do this and more.”
— Kim Rosen, author, Saved by a Poem

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Samantha Reynolds studied journalism at the University of Victoria, and is the founder of Echo Memoirs, a publishing company specializing in personal memoirs and company histories. She is a cinephile, bibliophile and lover of public radio. Reynolds is married to filmmaker Pete McCormack; their son, Booker, was born in September 2010. She lives in Vancouver, BC.

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UPDATE (June 12, 2012):

Bentlily is now available in Vancouver, BC, at WALRUS (3408 Cambie Street), The Cross Décor and Design (1198 Homer Street), Blackberry Books (1666 Johnston Street), Collage Collage (621 Kingsway), and Front and Company (3772 Main Street).

Order your copy of bentlily today. Only 500 limited edition copies are available. Fans will want to start their collection here as Reynolds plans to publish a new volume of bentlily every year in a new exquisite colour.

A perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers and Mother’s Day. A delectable read for the quiet moments in between.

Price: CDN $20 (orders by PayPal only)
5.5 x 8.5” | 168 pages | cloth-bound | hardcover