Samantha Reynolds is featured in the November 2012 issue of O, the Oprah Magazine!


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Television and Radio

North by Northwest, CBC Radio — Samantha interviewed by Sheryl MacKay

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The Road Home, CKUA — Host Bob Chelmick sings his praises for bentlily

Urban Rush, Shaw Television


O, the Oprah Magazine — “Well-Versed”
“A poet outlines the basic principles of writing everything from a sonnet to song lyrics”

Vancouver Sun — “Samantha Reynolds: Poem-a-day challenge alters view of the world”
“The results of her year-long efforts are touching, comforting and funny.” 

WestCoast Families  — “The Secrets” featured in the Mother’s Day issue

BC Parent  — “The Art of Noticing Your Life”

Online — The Art of Noticing Your Life
“Even if you are defiantly opposed to the idea of writing poetry, I challenge you to spend one day trying to notice as many details as possible as your day unfolds.”

Vitamin Daily — A Mother’s Day Ditty
“Use the free InstaPoem feature to create a bespoke verse about you and mom; simply follow the steps to plug in details about your relationship and personality traits and voila — an instant tearjerker.” 

Lifebyme — Samantha on what’s most meaningful to her: poetry

MomCafé Network OnDemand Podcast — Talking poetry, work and motherhood with Tasha Richard

Creative Joy Workbook (by Susanna Conway, Jen Louden and Marianne Elliott) — Samantha on how she finds Creative Joy

The Well-Fed Woman Series by Rachel Cole — Samantha on what she’s truly hungry for by Amber Strocel — Podcast: Samantha Reynolds on Poetry and Mindfulness

Psych Central — How I Create: Q&A with Samantha
“[Bentlily] has inspired me to write poetry again, and sharpened how I see the world, paying attention to the smallest details, finding beauty in the smallest of things. And I bet [Reynolds'] poetry will inspire you, too.” 

Delish Mag — Behind the Blog: Bentlily
“…each [poem] has given me insight into the writer and the woman. Some of them move me to tears…” 

Speaking Gigs

Northern Voice — “Blogging to Inspire,” June 15, 2012

Here’s what some lovely and talented bentlily fans have to say:

Danielle LaPorte Author, The Fire Starter Sessions

“I love it here. Samantha Reynolds’ is like a magic seed catalogue for the soul. Grow your vision, your art, your heart. Pick a poem, write your own, garden your life. Go wild.”


Christopher Ryan New York Times bestselling author, Sex at Dawn

Samantha’s poems illuminate the wonderful, wondrous dailiness of life — which is all we have. I don’t know how she manages to do it, day after day, but I’ve come to look forward to each day’s shot with a desperation I normally only feel for that first cup of coffee.” 


Bob Chelmick host/producer of the poetry radio show, The Road Home on CKUA

“I’m hooked. Samantha has a gift for bringing the big perspective to everyday moments and sharing them in a few well-crafted lines. Her poems are remarkable for their simple power of unpretentious insight.”


Kim Rosen | author, Saved by a Poem

“Samantha’s poems are jewels. It is rare for me to find a flock of poems that resonate so truly within me in both their message and their artistry, and hers do this and more.”