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Samantha’s Daily Poem

April 27, 2014

The synonym game

We play a game in the car
about synonyms
and I know we are thinking
the same thing

our kid is super bright

until we pull up
at our friends’ house for brunch
and he declares
how funny it is
that so many words
are made
with cinnamon.

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April 25, 2014

Why there are mothers groups

I forgot the pace of this stage
the goopy churn of hours
the edges of the day worn thin
with repetition

and how unsatisfying it is
to read to someone
who can’t sit up
and wants to eat the book

I forgot how no one really cares
about the fleeting victories
like how long she slept
or how she turns
when you say her name

but they fall out of me anyways
in conversation
like awkward gifts
people thank you for
and then return

which I suppose
is why there are mothers groups
fleets of women like me
with spongy lives
bonded by the triviality
of our days
and this love
wondrous and unwieldy.

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April 23, 2014

The lies we tell you

I think about the litter
of lies in your head
and how you love them
over and over
like pets

the Easter bunny
for example
and how I got carried away
and now you think
he has elves too

or how you trust
that everyone will live
to be a hundred

but for some reason
when it comes to films
we are blunt
your dad stopping every time
to show you the special effects
like where the witch
falls through the floor
and how Oliver’s voice
is dubbed by a girl’s

we must have thought
we were being wise
to pull back the curtain

and so my heart
dropped off its perch last night
when you caught a bit of the news
and said to me
with a relief
glued tight to your face

isn’t it great mama
that bad things
don’t happen
in real life.

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April 14, 2014

The feast

The poem sits inside you
like a hunter
for a weak moment
of indecision
or the lull
of your commute

and that’s when it pounces
clawing its words
into the hem of your lips

for birth is no place for grace

and your friends think it’s serene
this poetry

but they don’t see
its teeth
that if you don’t give it paper
to feast on
your friends will call for you
and find only
a stack
of bones.

April 8, 2014

Where you find the room

You lay there today
and smiled at each of us
in that surprising way
when joy seems to crash out of you

I picked you up
smooth and fleshy as a mango
told them I was going to change your diaper
which I did
but I also wanted a moment
to whisper into your belly

my gratitude
for forgiving all those moments
when I don’t look

and for treating the times that I do
with a generosity so big
I wonder at your little heart
and where you find
the room.

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