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Samantha’s Daily Poem

June 10, 2014

A sinking thing

I race home to pick you up
and I don’t have time
to heat my soup
but I eat it anyways
which is standard for mothers
but I do remember your Snow White drawing
and throw in some felts
so that counts for something

and then I carry
your water bottle and lunchbox
which I forget is a crime
because you like to carry them yourself

and even when I put them back
so that you can carry them

I put them back wrong

which triggers
irreversible thrashing
so I slam the door
with a face that pretends to be calm
and the car fills fast with yelling
like a sinking thing

I fumble for grace
in that wreck of a moment
but I cannot find any
so I turn up the radio
and submerge with you
letting the storm of words
float out of me
like the last
of my air.

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June 8, 2014

When you flush

I can hear that you’re awake
and when I enter your room
you have your stuffed animals lined up
and you’re teaching them
about the sewer system

I put your sister down
and watch her rubbery arms
jab at the carpet
as she crawls
a wobbly but determined path
towards you

you tell her
she can sit
between rabbit and bear

did you know

you ask them
with a benevolent voice
that you reserve
for babies
and inanimate things

that when you flush your poo
it either gets run over
by the subway
or falls all the way down
to Mars.

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May 13, 2014

I’m not the type who thinks the moon really listens

The kids went to bed late
and I try to write a poem
about the full moon
but it reminds me of the light
they hang above you
in the dentist’s chair
which doesn’t seem
very poetic

I’m tired

I say to no one
except maybe the moon
and I’m not the type
who thinks the moon
really listens

but I looked up
at her big open mouth
as the thought
landed in my skull
and I can only say
it didn’t feel like my own

to decide instead
to be grateful.

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May 12, 2014

Paper crowns

Your teacher is a calm vessel
of hugs and crafts

the kind that when you ask her
every morning

can you help me make a crown

she smiles a real smile
and tells you that sounds
like a fun plan

so even though our house
is now littered with them
like the aftermath
of some royal bender

I can’t bring myself to recycle them
I even tried one on this morning
while I ate my cereal
and I understood it then
the ritual of them
as I sat a little taller
feeling unreasonably good.

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May 11, 2014

Becoming a mother

Having a baby is a choice
but becoming a mother
is something that happens to you

a gradual multiplication of you
a nurse
a teacher
a cop

and then that crazy one

you can’t imagine it
but you would run in
love in your throat
no burning building
could stop you.

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