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Samantha’s Daily Poem

September 4, 2014

The piles

I was ambitious
I told my husband

by the end of the week

the piles on the stairs are too high
and there is too much broccoli
on the floor

it’s become absurd
we agree

I try to start small
in one corner
but when I get down low
I see the art supplies
under the couch
with the plates
that don’t fit
in our cupboard

and just like that
I am beaten

the house has won
I am too outnumbered
by objects that have a purpose
but no place

so I do what I always do
when my will sags
in tired protest

I make tea
and I sit
letting serenity interrupt me
until my weariness thaws
and I come
to life again.

September 3, 2014


We drive home in the rain
the evening sun behind us
turns the dark clouds purple
like bruises

you spot it first
as clear as if it had been drawn with felts
and it makes me so happy
I honk at a stranger
in the car beside us
and point energetically to the sky

she smiles
and then the light turns green
so I roll down the window
and you yell


in case she thought
we were just being friendly

you ask me
how it got there
and I tell you it happens
when there is rain and sun
at the same time

in bed later that night
I hear you tell bunny
that if you mix
sun and water
you get stripes.

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September 2, 2014


I read an article today
about how time slows down
when we experience awe

which of course
they suggest in doses
of museums

if only we could
slide inside your world

lifting the curtain
trapping the light
with your little hand

how easy you make it look
to suspend
one moment

September 1, 2014


I listen from upstairs
as your dad plays guitar
and you offer to write some lyrics

you tell him it will be a song
about a princess
who flies through the air
trying to catch a whale
so she can eat it

your dad tells you
it sounds like
a pretty nutty song

you agree
so you add a part
where she cooks
it first.

August 31, 2014


Concrete rooms
are safe
but lonely

she says

and the wisdom
lands in my lap
like a live thing

rolling around me
giddy and new

but like a back flip
explaining it
is not enough

so I tug a shape
of words
from my belly

but they are not
the right ones
they are pale and small

it is harder than I thought
to be vulnerable

perhaps it is not to dig
and share your weaknesses

but to dive
from the highest spot
yelling out
your wants.

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