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Samantha’s Daily Poem

April 1, 2014


The night is inky and hot
palm trees dunked in darkness

and it would be quiet
but for the swish of wind
and the periodic slam of rain
except the roosters here
didn’t get the memo
their ragged shrieks
gouging the blackness

I lay in bed
flanked by my sleeping family
feeling an old fear nest in my belly
wondering why a chicken’s yell
has choked my breath

and then realizing
it’s the same way I feel  in the city
as I am woken up
to hooting and howling
whenever a pack of guys drifts past our house
a part of me curious
about their conquest
a part of me wanting to hide

and the rooster scratches
his coarse holler into the sky again

and I think
what an impatient beast

then I pull the sheets up
over our sticky bodies
trying to be brave
like an edgy timid hen.

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March 28, 2014

Breakfast guest

You laugh and point
and I tell you it’s not polite
wondering is it her frizzy hair
you find so funny
but afraid to ask
in case you use your loud voice
to explain

and it is only later
when you say

wasn’t it so funny, mama
that we had breakfast beside
the cowardly lion

that I realize
it was only me who saw hair
you saw magic and fur.

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March 25, 2014

A poet’s accomplice

We stand at the window
your head warming my cheek
your eyes darting carefully
from crow to crow
your ambitious new mind
hoarding this moment
as if you are watching
an important tennis match
reminding me
to draw back the shades
of my ordinary world
to look again
at these peculiar black arrows
flinging about the sky.

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March 24, 2014

A manifesto for the uncreative

When your brain
feels clotted as gum
just make something

steal an idea
and let your mind dangle
in the invisibleness of it

take your pen
or a tree
and stare at it
until it starts telling
you secrets

clap your hands
until they burn

you will unstick
only by prying
yourself open

and if all you find inside
are crumbs
then set the table
and feast.

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March 19, 2014


I tell you that this is
a very exciting story

in the way that parents
talk to kids
to get them to do things
like turn off the lights

and then I whisper
that I once auditioned
for the role of Dorothy
and came in second

I’ve been meaning to tell you this
ever since you fell in love
with the Wizard of Oz
so I tell you about the call-backs
and the way your granny
braided my hair

but it’s dark
because you turned off the lights
like I planned
so I didn’t see
that you were crying
until it was too late

I wish you had won

you sob this
into my body
not to comfort me
for this flood of grief
is for you

surprising us both
as it gushed out of the cracks
where your confidence in me
once held firm.

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