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Samantha’s Daily Poem

September 3, 2011

The low notes

She is five
and the world makes
perfect sense.

All things are servants
to her curiosity,
adults are her

We secretly covet
her approval
which she dispenses
and withholds
with alarming

She pulls me aside
she has composed a song
on the piano
a recital
can I gather the adults

She plays it for me quickly
the high notes
she tells me afterwards
are when the girl loses her favourite toy
the low notes
are when she is eaten
by a large and angry

I tell her it is wonderful
very dramatic
perhaps she could consider
telling the audience the story
before she plays.

But it would ruin
the surprise.

She walks off
to gather the adults
and I can almost taste
my fall
from grace.

September 2, 2011


It is so quiet here
the hum of the fridge
is distracting.

The cabin faces the forest
or rather
it faces us
green limbs

The warm day drops
into the ground
and the evening air
scrapes its cold breath
like little needles
along my skin.

Summer is almost erased
the plumpness of those hot months
making way for the rustle
the release
the costume change
of fall.

September 1, 2011

Sugar legs

It’s late
you toss your little body
over mine
in bed
back and forth
arching your back
writhing like a towel
you are wringing out.

I had a bar of chocolate tonight
you still drink

Little sugar legs
I’m sorry
my body begs for the heaviness
of sleep
but we must both be patient
there is a fire in you
and we wait now
while it slowly burns
itself out.

August 31, 2011

The plight of the housefly

Erratic flight path
your tiny body slams
into the walls
engine wings
like a miniature Harley
you have only two gears
frozen and spastic
as though you know
you only have a week
and there is simply
too much
to see.

August 30, 2011

The right to die

A fight to exit
with grace
she is drowning
from the inside
desperate for that final moment
of clarity
before she is too submerged
in her dying
to act.

I am short of breath
the immense quiet
of that precipice
that ending.

Perhaps it is too much to ask
but we have been invited
so deep
so publicly
into her choice
I hope her family
will share
the other ones
on that day
the song
the view
the last words she picked
to hang
in the air
before she closed her eyes
and flew

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