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Samantha’s Daily Poem

August 21, 2011


She taught him the signs
they recommend:

thank you.

But secretly
she found it a rather boring
way to talk
so she taught him
new words like


It was one of his favourite words
but he used it sparingly
reserving it for
their sofa
dish soap
her bright orange scarf.

One day
she stopped to give some change
to a man
who asked for some.

Everything about him
was ragged and hollow
and he smelled like
warm garbage.

Her child stared
like he stared at
and then he made the sign


She couldn’t say for sure
if the man knew what it meant
but he signed it
right back
and the two of them
smiled at first and then shook
with laughter.

August 20, 2011

Hotel room

Hotel room
you receive me
my clunky boxes
and toiletries
in disarray
a stark contrast to your
scrubbed neutral world
fabrics and floor
that have seen so much
the nakedness
the habits
yet you reveal nothing
in that mute
half-hearted way
of someone who has been used
too much.

August 19, 2011

A name

Naming a child
is a strange thing
like naming love
so that whenever your heart surged
with romance
you turned to your husband
and said
Charles is here.

The problem isn’t that a child
shouldn’t have a name
it’s that their possibilities
at the start
are so vast
that like love
one name simply
isn’t enough.

August 18, 2011


When I am gone
don’t bother with the dates
and same goes
for a summary
of my best qualities.

engrave the spot
of earth
where you will visit
my memory
with this reminder:

is simply a refusal
to be bored.

As you stand there
and smile
that is me
writing a poem
on your lips.

August 17, 2011

Packing up

Packing up
a weekend away
the stark pleasure of compartments
a miniature version
of my life.

It is never photographed
so my great-grandchildren
one day
will never know it
but this just-before time
of folding and stuffing
and zipping it all up
is as delectable
as the trip itself.

When I backpacked around
Europe and India
I was asked
don’t I feel vulnerable
with everything I own
on my back.

Goodness no
I replied
this freedom to roam
no home and furniture
or hairdryer
to anchor me
is as safe
as I’ve ever been.

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