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Samantha’s Daily Poem

September 16, 2011

Don’t look for me in the obvious places

Don’t look for me
in the obvious places

the photographs on our wall
the stories I tell
the folded shape of me
at my desk

hunt down
the buried me
find her
and tell me all about her

a life
between the moments.

September 15, 2011


He sleeps through the clanging
of dinner dishes,
my husband on the phone
who always sounds like he is talking to someone
in Tongo,
the new creak
that moans from every second step
the staircase’s protest that we are home
too much.

What wakes him up
my sweet child
from his formal position
cheek flat and bum
in the air

is when I write.

No matter how quietly I tap
out the words
on my keyboard
a few minutes pass
and then the cry
so sad is that plea
for rescue.

It is as if he knows
I have gone away
and am about
to give birth
to another.

September 14, 2011


My friends in India
the old fellow who gave me money for the train
after I’d been robbed
in Spain
the girl I bunked with in Mexico City
who cut off all her hair
and mailed it home

so many of you
sparks of intoxicating connection
nestled in my life
so big and real
and then gone

how I wish I had thought
to ask each of you
to look at the moon
on a September day
and I would too
and for that moment
once a year
we would be back there
the bloom
of opening up
to another.

September 13, 2011

The horse

When you have ridden long enough
you don’t climb on top
of the horse

he steps into your skin

and it is you
who thunders along the earth
whipping the wind
pressing the moments together
into a blur

the pounding loosens
and you are

September 12, 2011


there is nothing buttery
about you

you are the opposite
of thick fat white

you are as light
as thought

the fancy cape
a moony beetle might
dream up

you flutter from pretty thing
to pretty thing
like an eye
by the deluge
of beauty.

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