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Samantha’s Daily Poem

September 13, 2011

The horse

When you have ridden long enough
you don’t climb on top
of the horse

he steps into your skin

and it is you
who thunders along the earth
whipping the wind
pressing the moments together
into a blur

the pounding loosens
and you are

September 12, 2011


there is nothing buttery
about you

you are the opposite
of thick fat white

you are as light
as thought

the fancy cape
a moony beetle might
dream up

you flutter from pretty thing
to pretty thing
like an eye
by the deluge
of beauty.

September 11, 2011

Ransack your dreams

Hustle the dictionary
for the precise word

ransack your dreams

lift dialogue from that couple
who broke up
on the bus.

There is no virtue
in digging in the dust
for water.

The world is sopping
with creative bounty

you are standing
in the fat rain

throw your head back


September 10, 2011

The fan

She is rabid
reads every book
even when he wrote
one for children
she went to the reading
at a children’s festival
and sat up front
on the grass
with the little ones.

Her life is scarred
and quiet
she always expected she would marry
she’s almost sixty now
but no man ever measured up
to the author
he doesn’t write her back
she doesn’t mind
she writes often
he understands her
he doesn’t have to respond.

She reads the last page again
from his latest book
and it’s so clear she could laugh:

he knows,
she matters.

September 10, 2011


My childhood
lets me back in
in glimpses
the murky
curtain of time opens
memory plays a moment
like re-reading a chapter
from an old book
I am only as familiar
as a character
as if I spent time with myself
as a little girl
and instead of growing up
she stayed suspended
and I walked

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