Renata Bodon

Renata Bodon is is the founder on and She is also the mother of two girls. "Choose Happiness" is the second poem she has written in 20 years, but she was surprised when this poem flowed out of her after some introspection. She has taken the poem's message to heart and is trying to stay present and enjoy those "little moments."


choose happiness

the days are busy

i am there in them and not

my presence ebbs and flows


i want to be present

but things distract me

luckily I have two living beings

to bring me back in the most unobtrusive ways


in an instant

i’ll glance at them and see a picture of the future

the women they will become

and think I need to be here for the moment

and enjoy this time now


the laugh, the curls, the dimple

the silliness, the giggle, the drama

the outrageous outfits, the glamorous outfits

the earnestness, the serious questions

the hard-won smile

the hugs that hurt

the wet kisses


the important things

urgency can wait

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Renata, both athletic and artistic talent – WOW! I truly enjoyed your poem — touching and beautiful.


A lovely poem Renata :) Thank you ! I am sending this poem to all of my daughters. This is so meaningful to me as a grandmother too. :)


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