Lesley-Anne Evans

Lesley-Anne Evans was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and lives in Kelowna, B.C., Canada, with her husband of 25 years, three teenage children, and a neurotic hound. Her poetry is published online in UBCO's Lake Journal, and quarterly in Sage-ing Journal. She has placed in several contests. Leaf Press is including Lesley-Anne's poetry in a chapbook collection edited by Patrick Lane, due for release later this spring.


The moments when

we sit on the porch and you look

sideways and I lean soft into

your hard and you let me as

clouds gather over top the ridge

and the garbage cans are already

back beside our garage door. The tick

clicking of the neighbour trimming his

side of the hedge and our lawn needing

cut and the sun pouring it’s gold onto

our bare toes. The bed rumpled and

the dog sprawled over it napping and

another clean load wanting out of

the dishwasher. The last fragrant fourty

five minutes before the apricot pie says

it’s done, and perches on back burner

stove top until some celebration

of this day occurs after supper and

we join together to open mouths

and taste day’s end. The words in

my library novel that keep my throat

full and now prognosis isn’t good so

I cry over the sink while dishes drown

in bubbles. The moments between

until, always, when I wonder if you

really will come home from work

and say let’s go walk the dog and

we will do things until it’s time

for bed and give our bodies over

to long breaths until morning and

you tell me again how these

moments make a life.

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Thank you Kaye… this photo was taken on my son’s 17th birthday and he makes me happy.


I want to smile like that


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