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Jen Louden is a personal growth pioneer who helped launch the self-care movement with her first book The Woman’s Comfort Book. She's the author of five more books on well-being that have inspired more than a million women in 9 languages. Jen has spoken around the world on self-care, written a national magazine column, and even sat on Oprah's couch talking about the power of retreats. She believes self-love + world-love = wholeness for all.



Morning Kitchen

Life is too sweet, possibilities

too huge.

I stand in the morning kitchen stunned.

In the last minute (minute!):

taste of lemon, Keemun tea, cream

(pause to consider how many miracles it took for lemon, tea, cream to end up in my avid hands)

weight of dog ear, begging mystery eyes (animals live with us, how astonishing!)

silky warm running water over cold hands (running water, enough said)

hummingbird’s jeweled head at the feeder (is that her tongue? a hummingbird has a tongue!).


Enough with the mystery, the grace.

Time to bundle up, get busy, get to work.

It is not to be.

Lilly enters, simple marvel of daughter, taut with succulent life,

sinks me like a stone in a wishing well.


But what would I wish for?

Nothing but this.

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So beautiful and full of such lively delight, my dear Jennifer. The love you have for being alive is just so darned palpable and contagious!


you all are the knees that would be given to bees if they had them but instead you all have said knees which is good because I can kiss them


Now that I’ve stood in that kitchen, held those soft ears, witnessed the beauty that is your daughter, this poem touches me even more deeply. The gratitude you generously and generatively offer and bestow is beautiful.


I can feel the tenderness in your words, Jen… such a beautiful poem. Thank you for daring to be seen. :)


The sheer curiosity and delight articulated in these words can mean one and one thing only: they were written by Jen F. Louden.


“Enough with the mystery, the grace.” I love it! Captures perfectly that feeling of shaking off the “too much.”
See, there’s a poem only Jen could write. Thanks for being such a great example of what fun it is when we throw our own spice into the pot. xxoo.


gosh everyone thank you so much! poetry rocks!


My beautiful Jen. Such a talent you have. Write more poems, please!


“sinks me like a stone”..wow. vivid. writ large images of life bursting. Wonder! In the kitchen.


so so glad you shared this poem. yes. “sinks me like a stone” and “taut with succulent life” – gorgeous, real words here.


…sinks me like a stone in a wishing well…
mine can too…I felt your words.
beautiful. thanks for sharing.


Truly beautiful poem! Thanks for your bravery in sharing what can feel so vulnerable. You have inspired me!


oh gals thank you! as someone who does not think of herself as a poet that was so fun and scary!


“begging mystery eyes” the previously unsaid observation of every attuned dog owner


Jen, I hope you keep sharing these parts / expressions of you that feel “tender” — glimpsing you as a poem easily shifted to glimpsing myself as a poem — and isn’t that what we writers write for… to give others a place to experience themselves more fully? Keep poem-ing, please.


I love it Jennifer! Beautiful!


Some really gorgeous lines here “”simple marvel of daughter”,”running water, enough said” . Congratulations on sharing this


Oh, the astonishing beauty of everyday miracles!

Thank you for this wonderful poem, Jen — so rich and full.


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