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Grace Kerina writes and helps others write, using devious methods like curiosity and healthy boundaries. As a Writer's Shepherd, she guides and accompanies authors on projects so they don't have to navigate their wilderness alone.

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New Friends

When I arrive,
cheeks aching
from the frozen air,
my new friend
(from Thailand)
is ready.


I smile, chiding myself
for thinking she
might have forgotten.
That old pain
of slipping through
other people’s minds.


Oh, right, that was today!


But carrots are peeled,
mushrooms cleaned,
glass noodles slither
creepily in their bowl.
Everything is laid out
just so.


We stand hip to hip
in her miniscule kitchen
(don’t tread on her cat)
as she teaches me
to make spring rolls
from scratch.


We struggle together
in German,
like toddlers,
as befit new friends
in a new land
wanting to be liked.

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So lovely. Image is perfectly clear in my mind.


Dear Grace…. You will never slip through the memory of the magical time we shared together, with Erika, on Gabriola Island … love your poem … and so happy to you are creating new friendship memories in Germany …


Ah yes. That feeling of wanting to be liked when one is in a new land. So true. Those moments of friendship seem to count for so much more. Beautiful words.


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