December 20, 2012

The downer of proverbs

I always think I’ll be moved by proverbs
but they are like those Spanish cookies
that look good but taste like sand

I like easy-to-spot truths
as much as the next girl
so it’s not their simplicity that offends me

perhaps it’s the voice I imagine saying them
a dour scratchy sound
a wagging finger
a sense of satisfaction in warning the young
about all the doom

I think I will make up my own
a sweaty happy batch

so the next time you feel plain
remember that a red-winged blackbird
has no idea
her armpits
are so fine.

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You nailed it with that one! I always used to think of Confucius or Aristotle. And, should you make a ‘happy sweaty batch’ I think they would make a great book! And I’ll leave you with two of my own, VERY TRUE ones…
“Never throw Pepsi on a fire.”
“Never wear lip gloss to the vet.”


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