November 10, 2012


I have been taught about tannin
but it evaporates in my head like math

so I asked the nice man
to recommend a bottle
which made me wonder why we excavate
all the good words for wine

why can’t a short woman be buttery
and an old woman velvet
the large ones spicy and ripe

who wants to kiss a skinny girl
when she could be crisp and grassy instead

long and soft
chewy when she first wakes up
did you hear he’s mad about that oaky girl

I asked the nice man
what it means to be full-bodied

and I swear he blushed
as though he was remembering
the stickiness of afternoon skin

it’s the weight of the wine in the mouth

he said
and I winked at him
which I never do
and I thought it’s about time
heavy flesh got adored.

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I love this poem. What a great idea, too. I am going to try to have a jammy day!


What a succulent poem.


Beautiful, as always. Count me in. oxoxo


Thank you….will share this at tonight’s birthday party when the wine is opened.


Oh WOW – 50 shades of red wine….. !


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