March 13, 2012

Why I took so few photos

He stands pressed against the window
naked except for a pair of red mittens
pointing to the crows
flapping his arms
and repeating over and over


I think several things simultaneously

he is perfect
I wonder when he will learn a word other than duck
people can probably see him from the park

then as I so often do
I think to get my camera
but don’t

and when he asks later
why there aren’t more photos of him
I will tell him how moments are like bubbles
you have to stay very still
or they will burst.

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Whether they burst or float away, these special moments are there to be savoured, just that one single time; until the memory of revives them to be enjoyed again.


I’ve been following for the passed week or so, and I had to chime in that my first word was “duck.” :)

Lovely poem.


Oh, what a dear little boy! My daugther used to want to run naked out into a summer rain shower in Mobile,AL! These are very special “bubble” moments, are they not? Love your guest post, Rachel! So pleased to find you here!


Oh yes, I’ve captured many bubbles along the way while others slowly floated and faded away.


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