January 31, 2012

The big tree outside my window

You stand there all day
in the rain
a quiet and serious look
like those royal guards
everyone tries to make flinch

you don’t seem to mind
the frost at night
though sometimes I sip tea by the window
and sense I am flaunting
my comforts

mostly I feel gratitude
for the familiarity of your limbs
the way your seasons remind me
of a bigger story

I take for granted
your steadiness
but I wonder
if I peeled back the earth
perhaps the effort is enormous
your roots clenched like toes
a constant struggle
to stand
so tall.

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tree poem stunning and so too “The Bent Lily” that someone posted here! I found this site through Chris Dunmire’s creativity prompts, what a find:) ‘soul candy’ and just the thing to get my poetry writing a regular thing once more:)


You have given “the big tree” character and personality, and given us the opportunity to realise that even “big trees” can have “a constant struggle to stand so tall” ….


Hello Samantha.

This is to say thank you. I’ll let my poem say the rest.

The Bent Lily

And so it comes to pass
that on a frosty winter’s
night my love for these
words cease to enlighten
me that I rest my quill in
it’s inkwell forevermore

And like the bent lily
knowing it will soon die
remains a thing of beauty
the words my heart utter
no longer have meaning
but will always persevere
awakening anew with the
warming thaw of spring

For poetry, like a flower,
meant to revive the spirit,
is only a transient affair
it is there to remind us of
the wonders and fragility
of a life that is at its very
best so little understood

In the end, I would rather
be remembered simply as
a mediocre novelist than
as a poet whose failures
and folly were exhumed
in every line he ever wrote.

For Samantha Reynolds
si finis bonus est, totum bonum erit


“if I peeled back the earth
perhaps the effort is enormous
your roots clenched like toes..”


This is my first time commenting here. I adore your words. I look forward to my daily emails.


Your words are a much appreciated gift.


One of my favourites so far…..beautiful!


ooohhh…words fail…I have trees outside that I feel the same way about. Thanks once again, B


thank you for this ~ I needed it this morning. It helped me to centre.


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