June 6, 2011

No excuse

Don’t tell me
you are not inspired.

That is no excuse.

Creativity doesn’t land;
it is earned.

So wrench your eyelids open
cackle at the keyboard
stomp your feet


You feel like you’re piling
stone upon stone
making nothing but an ugly
mountain of rock


from the top of it
at the end of a sweaty hour
suddenly a staggering view
a gift
a story unravels
for you
but not of you.

Write fast
creativity is not yours
to waste.

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Just joined your site…read a few poems and decided that I wanted you as a muse! I am visiting a friend and read her a few of your poems while she was cooking ME supper…how wonderful is it to want to read someone poetry…thanks for your good energy and YES… the key to writing is to write. “Creativity doesn’t land’…ha ha…so true…thanks!


The last resort: when you aren’t inspired to write a poem, write about not being inspired. It ALWAYS works.


I LOVE THIS! I occasionally write poetry, its not until i read something like this it reminds me why I do and why i should keep trying xxx


I hope you don’t mind but I just popped this up on the projector- my high school students are writing free verse novellas and it seemed so apt.
They are loving your inspiration! Thank you!


This is so alarmingly true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read something I wrote, after I “come to”, and I think “who wrote that?”


Perfectly timed words. Again!


I love this. I think I need to print it out and keep it at my desk.


I hear that one!
I need a gentle kick in the ass to get writing!


thanks for the kick in the ass! ;0)


I’m with you. Keep laying the letters down. Plus you’re perfect. And that’s final.

Chester Horlicks
Willy, North Carolina


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